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A Quest for More

A Quest for More by Paul David Tripp

A Quest for More
by Paul David Tripp

Jesus came to establish his kingdom on this earth. We are soldiers fighting for Him and His kingdom unless of course we are fighting for and building our own. Paul David Tripp wrote his book A Quest for More as an argument against our divided loyalties.

Transcendence is something that everyone strives for. In the Big Kingdom, God’s Kingdom, is bigger and better than anything that we can comprehend. Adam and Eve chose their kingdoms over God’s…and we do the same things every day.   Tripp begins his book with this observation. Instead of building the Big kingdom, we are enamored with building our own little one. In our construction we shrink down the greatness that God has planned for us and wants for us. The little kingdom at times disguises itself as the big kingdom. There are times when our service to self masquerades as a service to God. Tripp unveils these hidden motives.

In the middle chapters of the book, Tripp shows the centrality of the cross of Christ to Big Kingdom living. The Cross gave us a patter to live our lives after, a direction to pursue, and an example to follow. He shows us what a life lived in harmony with God looks like and the musical symphony that we compose with Him.

A life lived with God is a life with righteous anger, radical forgiveness, unquenchable hope, loneliness, and sacrifice. Tripp explains these things and paints a picture of a life completely devoted to Big Kingdom living. This book was a fairly simple read. He doesn’t use a ton of scripture, but he does use solid scriptures to prove his point and exegete for his purposes. He illustrates well what he wants to say. He is articulate, concise, and deep. This book was a solid read for anyone who wants to figure out how impactful their life can become.



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