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We Became Men: The Journey into Manhood

We Became Men by Shawn Brower

We Became Men
by Shawn Brower

Biblical manhood is one central thing lacking in our society.  Men who submit to the call of Christ on their lives as leaders of families, protectors of femininity, and servants of God.  Shawn Brower has written his book We Became Men: The Journey into Manhood as an invitation to journey with him towards biblical manhood.

His methodology and purpose in the book is something that I both agree with and understand as a key problem with most definitions of manhood.  Many struggle with drawing a line as to what is a man and when they have arrived.  Brower contends:

“manhood is not marked by any specific one-time event, but is rather a deliberate process marked by endurance, discipline, humility, repentance, service, integrity, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, and the pursuit of godliness in all things.  Instead of asking yourself, “Am I a man?” ask yourself, “Am i on the right path in my journey toward becoming a man?” (27)

For Brower, the journey to manhood involves different steps along the path such as: willingness to be led; community; direction; contributing to life; and willingness to follow true adventure.  His chapter on having a teachable spirit and openness to mentoring was a humbling chapter and a must read for mentors and mentoree’s alike.  It was very helpful by asking questions of which students can and will respond to mentoring. The third section of the book involves essential conversations that need to be had on the journey.  The typical conversations like our worth in God’s eyes, idolatry, temptation, women, and pride.  He also adds forgiveness (a great chapter, possibly his best); and boredom (essential for every jr. high boy).

He finishes off the book with a call for every person to excercise leadership and the need for every person to lead the next group (ie mentoring).  He boils down leadership to guidance and influence.  WIth his years of coaching experience and education experience, he writes from personal experience and history.

This book was a solid book for anyone wanting to journey alongside some students.  He has his own questions at the end of the chapter, points clearly defined at the beginning of each chapter, and a wrap up paragraph that summarizes the chapter and emphasizes his main point.  I felt like his chapter on women, the usual meter for manhood books, was pretty weak in his application.  There wasn’t a whole lot of personal application throughout the book.  His teaching from the Bible was topical throughout, but still well researched.  There was just very little dynamic writing that really fired me up, but it was solid throughout.


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