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Sweat, Blood, & Tears

Sweat, Blood, & Tears by Xan Hood

Sweat, Blood, & Tears
by Xan Hood

The journey to manhood is different for every guy.  Each path seems to lead through the same stages and terrain, but the journey itself is individual and personal to each man.  Xan Hood has written his book, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, as documentation to his own journey.  

He moved west, from Colorado to Tennessee, to pursue a career as an author.  As one of Eldredge protege’s this book, the outpouring of Hood’s time in Colorado, is a testament to Ransomed Hearts ministries.  From his sources, to his writing style, to his illustrations, Hood owes a great deal of his thinking to Eldredge’s book Wild at Heart.  

He often tells of his time spend doing a real job (after his years spent working in a church).  He becomes a painter to understand a life of labor.  He starts at the bottom of a painting crew.  At times his stories are funny about the realizations he has while working for $8 an hour.  The issues he has with his co-workers and his interactions on the job provide funny backdrops to the lessons he expounds in the book.

If you are going to read on book on manhood this summer, make sure this one isn’t it.  I thought this book would be a devotional about manhood and who God created us to be.  It turned out that it was 30 chapterettes about whatever story he wanted to tell, topic he wanted to cover, or loosely connected thoughts that he needed to communicate.  There was very little substance, little to no scripture, and not connectivity between thoughts.  No real themes woven in this book held it together.  The best part of the book was the quotations leading off the chapters.  This book was an easy read, but had very little substance too it.


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