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Homosexual Christian?

Truth Matters

Washed and Waiting by Wes Hill was an engaging and empathetic look inside the heart and mind of a self proclaimed homosexual Christian. Wes recalls being “drawn, even as a child, to other males in some vaguely confusing way”. These same-sex attractions continue to this day for him. It is an experience that quite simply I cannot relate to in any meaningful way.

My view before and after reading Wes’ story is that homosexuality is not the divine design for human sexual expression. Sexual expression was created by God as a life-bearing activity between a husband and his wife.

Hill is a clear and emotive writer. In the Introduction he makes an interesting, and I think correct, clarification on how he uses certain terms. He writes, “There is, however, one way of speaking that I have tried to avoid. Rather than refer to someone as ‘a homosexual,’ I have taken…

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